Application of water from the air technology 2021-05-06
The production of atmospheric water depends on the science of humidity, temperature and air. Higher humidity will produce more water. This makes the air water maker flexible and easy because it is just a plug-and-play system. As long as there is air, you can place it almost anywhere.

Atmospheric water generators are used in the following areas:

  • Solutions to the water crisis. In Africa, many people need to spend more than 6 hours a day to meet their daily water needs. The atmospheric water generator is an ideal solution to bring this area closer to the world's first level. Therefore, their daily water needs are solved.

  • Military. In many countries, including Israel, soldiers are now equipped with military-grade backpacks that can produce water from the air. For a long time, the army had to transport large amounts of drinking water. Therefore, they must invest resources and manpower to defend the water source. With AWG fresh water generators, they can definitely become more flexible. They can also survive battles and training and have a strategic advantage.

  • Residential and office. No more buckets! Many offices and homes have begun to abandon prehistoric bucket dispensers. These are not only more expensive but also cause storage and many inconvenience factors.

  • Total water production solution. In many areas, there are water-saving exercises to control the amount of water used every day. According to reports, the water output rate in these areas is much higher than that in other areas. With AWG air-to-water technology, you can now enjoy a better lifestyle. This helps to improve hygiene.

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