• 05-27
    Assess the water security situation in early 2021
    Although the spread of COVID-19 dominates the headlines and policy making efforts in 2020, the imminent global water crisis has not disappeared. If anything, the situation has worsened in the face of the surge in demand for fresh water supplies and the delays of COVID-related projects aimed at alleviating this growing pressure.

    It is estimated that by 2050, more than 50% of the world's population will live in "water-scarce" areas, where demand exceeds supply, or poor water quality limits water use. This leads to the depletion of natural water sources and brings about a series of social problems, from dehydration to the spread of water-borne diseases. Due to its climate, the Middle East is by far the most water-stressed region in the world, and most of its countries have been classified as "extremely high (> 80%) water stress".

    Poor water security is not only a current and growing threat to human life, but also the cohesion of a rapidly urbanizing global society, and the water price difference also brings a huge price. The lack of proper water management may cause the Middle East’s GDP to lose as much as 6% by 2050.

    Although its impact is worrying, all governments have fully understood the scale and nature of this threat. They can prove this by devising ways to improve water security, increasing desalination and wastewater treatment, long-term national strategies, and billions of dollars in investment in new technological innovations and advanced water infrastructure. But are current efforts sufficient to stay ahead of the water demand curve?

    The newly introduced air to water technology has effectively alleviated this crisis. This is a highly portable air water maker that can effectively extract drinking water from the air. In view of the fact that the demand for clean water and sanitation facilities is very important to human survival, water safety issues cannot be ignored. This machine will not have water safety problems, because the 
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  • 05-06
    Application of water from the air technology
    The production of atmospheric water depends on the science of humidity, temperature and air. Higher humidity will produce more water. This makes the air water maker flexible and easy because it is just a plug-and-play system. As long as there is air, you can place it almost anywhere.

    Atmospheric water generators are used in the following areas:

    • Solutions to the water crisis. In Africa, many people need to spend more than 6 hours a day to meet their daily water needs. The atmospheric water generator is an ideal solution to bring this area closer to the world's first level. Therefore, their daily water needs are solved.

    • Military. In many countries, including Israel, soldiers are now equipped with military-grade backpacks that can produce water from the air. For a long time, the army had to transport large amounts of drinking water. Therefore, they must invest resources and manpower to defend the water source. With AWG fresh water generators, they can definitely become more flexible. They can also survive battles and training and have a strategic advantage.

    • Residential and office. No more buckets! Many offices and homes have begun to abandon prehistoric bucket dispensers. These are not only more expensive but also cause storage and many inconvenience factors.

    • Total water production solution. In many areas, there are water-saving exercises to control the amount of water used every day. According to reports, the water output rate in these areas is much higher than that in other areas. With AWG air-to-water technology, you can now enjoy a better lifestyle. This helps to improve hygiene.

    Here, we provide different sizes of atmospheric water generator to meet your needs. Atmospheric water generator manufacturers, more information can be found here....
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  • 04-29
    Atmospheric water generator: sustainable water resources
    The amount of water in the world is limited. Today, unprecedented pressure on the earth’s resources threatens our access to water. The world is quickly running out of clean water, and the poor are the ones who suffer the most. Due to geography, climate, engineering, regulations and resource competition, some areas seem to be relatively full of fresh water, while others are facing drought and destructive pollution. In many developing countries, clean water is either difficult to obtain, or it is a commodity that requires laborious work or large amounts of money.

    So how can these remote communities have healthy drinking water? In order to create a more sustainable and more efficient provision of water resources.

    Atmospheric water generator (AWG) uses technology to produce drinking water from the surrounding air. This offers the potential to expand water supply during periods of shortages, pollution incidents and other problems that may disrupt drinking water services. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and public water infrastructure failures such as pipeline corrosion that causes pollution problems have increased interest in AWG technology as an emergency and long-term supply solution.

    Atmospheric water generator range from household appliances that can produce 1 to 20 liters of water per day to commercial scale equipment that can produce 1,000 to 10,000 liters or more per day. The water production rate is highly dependent on the air temperature and the amount of water vapor (ie humidity) in the air. The most commonly used atmospheric water generator system uses condenser and cooling coil technology to absorb moisture from the air in the same way as a household dehumidifier. Although running these condenser and fan systems may require a lot of energy, recent technological advances have greatly improved the water-to-energy ratio, thereby increasing the feasibility of using these systems to help increase the country’s drinking water resources.

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  • 04-06
    The importance of water to humans
    In the past few decades, there have been many international discussions about "what is water" and the meaning of water, and many articles and books have been published to discuss this topic, such as "The Meaning of Water" by Vanonika. , Linton's "What is Water" and other more influential works. The reason for these questions is that "what is water" seems to be known to everyone, but in fact, not everyone has enough knowledge and knowledge. Many people have even very poor knowledge and knowledge about water. The perception of the value of water in society tends to be simplified. This will inevitably affect people's judgment on the value of water, and then affect people's attitudes and behaviors of caring for and cherishing water, and is not conducive to building a harmonious relationship between humans and water.

    Water is not only a natural substance that sustains life, but also an important construction element of human society and culture. It has played an important role in driving the development of human society. Without water, not only human life cannot be continued, but human society cannot be maintained either. The multi-dimensional value of water in human society is worthy of our in-depth understanding.

    Water is a kind of power substance that drives the development of human social productivity, and water builds human productivity. Water energy also played an important role in the process of European industrial revolution. In modern times, the conversion of water energy to electric energy has played a huge role in the development of human society. Today, hydropower has become the most important clean energy for mankind. This is the value of water that we most easily understand. To build a water-friendly society, the whole society must have a scientific understanding of water and an understanding of the multi-dimensional value of water, and build water-friendly values on this basis, and strive to let everyone care for and cherish water. , So as to restrict our behavior towards water and build a water-friendly society. This will become an important social value foundation for the construction of ecological civilization.

    We should not regard water as just an ordinary consumer product and commodity, nor can its value be simply measured by money. We should regard water as a material related to the long-term survival of our human beings, and even treat water. Rise to the moral level. Human society needs to weigh the development and utilization of water resources from its own long-term interests, use water more efficiently and greenly, care for and cherish water more. Enhance scientific understanding of water, form water-friendly values, and have an in-depth understanding of the value of water from history to reality. This requires the joint efforts of the whole society.

    Today, 2.2 billion people in the world still do not have access to safe drinking water. T...
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  • 03-23
    4 billion people face water shortages for at least one month each year
    About 4 billion people in the world face severe water shortages for at least one month each year, and about 1.6 billion people are unable to obtain clean and safe water supplies. The report pointed out that the current water shortage problem is aggravating. It is estimated that by 2050, more than half of the world's population will still live in water-stressed areas.

    Experts pointed out that from 1960 to 2014, the world's water consumption increased by 250%. Factors such as population growth, changes in diet and climate change have made water resources a major global challenge.

    From a global perspective, the Middle East and North Africa are the regions with the greatest water pressure on the planet. Twelve of the 17 extremely water-scarce countries and regions are in the Middle East and North Africa. Qatar is the worst, followed by Israel and Lebanon.

    In Africa, Libya and Eritrea have the greatest water pressure, and India is facing the same severe situation. Many areas of the country face long-term water pressure. Groundwater resources are mainly used for irrigation and have been severely overdrawn. Considering that the population of India is 16 other countries With three times the population of the region, the future will face great challenges.

    It is worth mentioning that even in countries where the overall water pressure is relatively small, there are some areas with extreme water shortages. For example, the Western Cape in South Africa and New Mexico in the United States are facing extreme water shortages.

    There is a better solution
    Today, there are more technologies than ever before to bring water to those in need. In particular, there is a method called Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) or simply: drinking water from air machine. There are many techniques and methods to extract water from the natural humidity of the air, and the success of each method and method depends on the environmental conditions, the technology used, and the energy required to make the process run properly.
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  • 03-08
    Accairwater meet potable water: water in the air
    Have you ever thought about getting drinking water from the air? Well, someone thought of it and did it!

    It all starts with bringing drinking water to a non-existent demand: “Only 1% of the earth’s water can be used as drinking water for humans and animals, and 1% of the water is polluted by the industrial civilization in which we live.”

    How does the technology work? AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) technology is a solution to alleviate the world's water crisis. Today, this breakthrough technology is now available to everyone on the planet.

    AWG machines produce pure drinking water from the atmosphere around the earth. The AWG device captures the moisture in the air we breathe, and then converts it into pure healthy drinking water.

    Compared with drinking tap water or bottled water, the latter is called dead water (contains very little oxygen), and AWG water is called "living" water because it is 100% oxidized water.

    In addition, this product has many advantages, such as:
    Convenient and environmentally friendly
    Stop buying bottled water and the consequences of no toxic waste in degradable plastic bottles
    Doubles as a dehumidifier
    The water tastes good and can be rich in minerals
    Since the water is clear and does not contain all bacteria, it has more health advantages
    Improve air quality
    Self-cleaning device, minimal maintenance

    Industry experts point out that when considering keeping properties in the following areas, the five most important environmental practices are:
    Solar -> 67%
    Sustainable water system –> 43%
    Low flow shower/toilet –> 36%
    Organic food option –> 31%
    Recycling basket in the room –> 29%
    Drinking water ensures that visitors will not have health problems after drinking water contaminated by bacteria, viruses or pollutants. Most importantly, this may be an effective solution for all countries that cannot drink water.
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  • 03-03
    Accairwater air water dispenser advantage
    Produces fresh and quality drinking water from the humidity in the air.

    The water production process is based on innovative, patent-protected technology, which extracts drinking water from the moisture in the air around the Accairwater. The daily production capacity is up to 6 gallons per day, depending on the temperature and humidity levels in its proximity. No need to connect the device to water pipes; all that’s needed is an electric power socket. Accairwater air water dispenser can produce cold water, as well as hot drinking water.

    Environmentally-friendly, solution for home and office use. Accairwater reduces the use of plastic bottles, as well as the need for logistic processes, storage, and transportation.

    Convenient, allowing the independent production of drinking water directly at the point of consumption. It can be operated in the kitchen, dining room, living room, on the balcony, in the conference room, or even in your yard.
    Water purification system that treats mechanical, chemical, and microbiological contaminants, as well as an air filtration system that removes particles and dust, the quality of water produced by the Accairwater atmospheric water generator is of the highest standard. This is especially true where there is a risk of lead and dust accumulation as a result of the aging of the pipelines.

    International standards. The device is recognized around the world in the fields of innovation and sustainability. 

    How water producing machine works
    Air collection - Water creation - Purification and Filtration - Storage and Safety - Drinking Water

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  • 02-26
    AWG Atmospheric Water Generator, air into water

    Atmospheric water generator, air to water machine. Source of pure water As long as there is air, water will form.

    The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a fresh water generator, a simple and practical invention. The main process of converting air into water is condensation. Over the centuries, many people around the world have devised different methods to produce drinking water. Some methods are filtration methods (desalination) and excavation of groundwater (wells). Many people forget the fact that there is water in the air at all times. Globally, billions of gallons of water circulate in our natural atmospheric circulation every day. It can be easily used by cheaper methods.

    How does it work?
    It's really simple. Have you noticed the water droplets condensing on the outside of a glass of cold water? This is how it works! In our air dispenser, the same air around us is first sucked into the machine. The air is then cooled, and water is formed by the condensed water on the cooling coil. Then, the dry cold air is heated and discharged from the machine. The water is collected in a storage tank and then filtered through a filtration system.

    Is water in the air safe to drink?
    Yes, it is safe! This is the most important problem, and it is easy to solve when we breathe the air first. If it is not safe, breathing the same air can cause health complications almost immediately. This is before even condensing and drinking. Most importantly, our AWG has been certified for the production of pure drinking water worldwide. This is tested through harsh conditions such as polluted air and smoke. This is how fresh drinking water is formed from the air....
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  • 01-29
    Atmospheric water generator provides solution for our environment
    Atmospheric water generators produce fresh drinking water from the air every day, and people are increasingly calling them "water in the air" or "air to water" miracle water machine.

    According to the United Nations, with global water consumption doubling every two decades, more than one billion people have had little or no access to fresh drinking water.

    Our technology extracts "water in the air" and converts it into pure fresh drinking water. Atmospheric water generators are indispensable for everyone who wants pure drinking water during this time, without being threatened by urban pollution, and without transporting and storing expensive bottled water. Therefore, the waste of plastic bottled water is eliminated and the need to deliver bottled water/containers is eliminated, thereby reducing the "carbon footprint". No water source on this planet is purer or richer than the water in our own air. The atmospheric water generator can simply and reliably provide safe drinking water from the air we breathe.

    Our atmospheric water generator extracts fresh water from the air every day, from 15 liters per day to 10,000 liters per day, which is purer than pure water from any source on the earth.

    Competing industrial units can be located in remote areas and can be powered by alternative energy sources such as solar panels and biodiesel generators....
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  • 01-21
    Atmospheric water generator brings dawn to the world's water shortage
    We all know that the world's structural water shortage situation is getting worse, and the shortage of fresh water resources has affected 3.5 billion people worldwide! The World Resources Institute said that at present, 25% of the world's population is facing water shortages. 17 countries are "severely short of water", and this situation is increasing with climate change. The problem of insufficient water resources has affected the operation and development of many fields at home and abroad.

    As early as April 2020, the World Health Organization and others conducted a global comprehensive assessment of the water sanitation projects of medical and health institutions. After the assessment, it was found that a quarter of the world’s medical and health institutions lacked basic water supply services. This situation directly affected 20 More than 100 million people, especially in underdeveloped countries, only 55% of medical and health institutions have basic water supply services.

    At the beginning of the year, an epidemic broke out in China and even around the world, adding more frost to the living environment that was already short of water and insufficient water supply. The demand for healthy water sources for human survival cannot be guaranteed, and the global water shortage problem cannot be solved.

    However, with the development and advancement of science and technology, we have made major breakthroughs in water source technology. Air makes water, and good water falls from the sky.

    The US "Time" magazine named the world's 100 best inventions in 2019, and the air-to-water technology is on the list!

    As an innovator in the field of air water production, Accairwater has 8 major water purification systems and multi-layer purification procedures, and Accairwater atmospheric water dispenser have obtained a number of national patents. We have not only produced pure and healthy drinking water, but also created hydrogen-rich water that is healthier than ordinary water.

    Hope that our air water purifier products can more solve the problem of global water shortage. Help more areas to solve the problem of water sources and drink pure and healthy water.
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