AWG Atmospheric Water Generator, air into water 2021-02-26

Atmospheric water generator, air to water machine. Source of pure water As long as there is air, water will form.

The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a fresh water generator, a simple and practical invention. The main process of converting air into water is condensation. Over the centuries, many people around the world have devised different methods to produce drinking water. Some methods are filtration methods (desalination) and excavation of groundwater (wells). Many people forget the fact that there is water in the air at all times. Globally, billions of gallons of water circulate in our natural atmospheric circulation every day. It can be easily used by cheaper methods.

How does it work?
It's really simple. Have you noticed the water droplets condensing on the outside of a glass of cold water? This is how it works! In our air dispenser, the same air around us is first sucked into the machine. The air is then cooled, and water is formed by the condensed water on the cooling coil. Then, the dry cold air is heated and discharged from the machine. The water is collected in a storage tank and then filtered through a filtration system.

Is water in the air safe to drink?
Yes, it is safe! This is the most important problem, and it is easy to solve when we breathe the air first. If it is not safe, breathing the same air can cause health complications almost immediately. This is before even condensing and drinking. Most importantly, our AWG has been certified for the production of pure drinking water worldwide. This is tested through harsh conditions such as polluted air and smoke. This is how fresh drinking water is formed from the air.