• 05-07
    Cream charger tutorial: how to inject gin and alcohol with nitrous oxide
    Regarding N2O cream chargers, one thing that many people don't realize is that they have multiple cooking uses. They are not just used to make fluffy whipped cream in a beater!

    Your whipped cream dispenser can also be used for infusions. This process allows you to add flavors to various liquids such as alcohol, oil, and vinegar. This is due to the huge pressure generated inside the dispenser after the nitrous oxide is discharged from the 8g cream charger, which leads to a rapid and intense infusion, which requires months of soaking time if traditional methods are used.

    What is an infusion?
    Infusion usually involves ingesting fresh solid ingredients (such as fruits, vegetables, or herbs) and then soaking or "dipping" them in a liquid (usually some kind of alcohol or oil) until the liquid absorbs the flavor and aroma of the added ingredients. Many people regard alcohol as a hobby. You may be familiar with the popular "balsamic gin", which usually involves soaking cassis berries in a jar full of gin for several months to make a delicious and sweet liqueur.

    However, this is not the only infusion method: a whipped cream dispenser can be used to speed up the infusion process, which means you can create it by simply soaking the ingredients in a few minutes, which usually takes weeks or even months to produce The product.

    The scientific principle of nitrous oxide injection
    The reason why the filling speed of the cream charger is much faster than the traditional method is easy to understand. This is related to the pressure generated inside the whipped cream dispenser, when these tools are used in their most famous way, the whipped cream is also responsible for the whipped cream.

    After the ingredients are added to the dispenser and the cream charger is screwed onto the device, nitrous oxide is released from the tank into the dispenser, creating an ultra-high pressure environment in the dispenser chamber. The pressure of the gas forces the flavor particles from the used solid (such as rhubarb) into the cell wall of the liquid structure, combining the two substances into one body: Compared with the traditional soaking method, it greatly accelerates the flavor and enriches the flavor process. With solid matter Liquid.

    Recipe: Watermelon and Mint Liquor
    200ml dry gin
    Mint sprigs (the more you use, the stronger the flavor will be)
    2-3 slices of watermelon (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
    N2O whipping machine
    1 nitrous oxide cream charger

    First, shred the mint leaves first, and then put the twigs in the whip...
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  • 04-16
    Mint Flavor N2O Nitrous Oxide 8-Gram Cartridge
    The new mint flavor N2O Nitrous Oxide 8-Gram Cartridge 600 Packs, let you get a new experience of mint flavor Whipped Cream Chargers. While obtaining fresh cream, a more refreshing taste is obtained.

    Our whipped cream cartridges is made of 100% recyclable stainless steel and has no grease residue. Due to the cleaning in a dedicated facility, all Whipped Cream Chargers have no metal fragments or oily substances, nor will they produce a special smell to the cream.

    Strong compatibility, this Mint Flavor N2O Nitrous Oxide is compatible with all standard 8g N2O blue flag Whipped Cream Chargers manufacturers and fresh cream dispensers. Using our N20 nitrous oxide makes you an excellent chef immediately. You will not have trouble making any pastries or desserts.

    All nitrous oxide chargers use a proprietary cap/closed system to ensure that there is no gas leakage during the shelf life of the cartridge, so that you can use it with confidence.

    Advanced production technology and perfect quality assurance system can ensure the high quality of each N2O cream charger.

    If you want to order our products, please click on the link below.

    Mint Flavor BlueFlag Whipped Cream Chargers 600Pack

    bulk whip cream chargers

    N2O Nitrous Oxide

    For more information,please contact us now!
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  • 03-25
    How to use nitrous oxide cream charger to inject engine oil
    Using a whipped cream charger, you can produce various flavors of alcohol, oil and vinegar, making it an ideal tool for various occasions from banquets to simple trials at home!

    In this blog post, we will cover the process of creating an oil injection using a dispenser.

    How does the infusion work?
    As anyone who reads our gin infusion article may know, infusion into a cream charger is a way of using extremely high levels of pressure in a whipped cream dispenser to force liquid and solid ingredients to combine at the molecular level. The process, which causes the liquid to become flavored with solid ingredients-usually a delicious effect!

    This process is used in professional kitchens as well as home users to produce delicious soaking liquid at a much faster rate than soaking or any other soaking method. The most popular examples of infusions you might notice will find the flavors of gin, vodka, and other alcohols in your local supermarket.

    Recipe: Chili and Ginger Oil
    You will need:
    200 ml olive oil
    2-3 thinly sliced peppers (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
    2-3 pieces of ginger (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
    N2O whipping machine
    1 Nitrous Oxide Cream Charger First, turn on the whipped cream dispenser. After opening, you need to add solid ingredients. Tear or "crush" the solids a little bit to better inject the flavor and increase the overall strength of the flavor-make sure not to let the chili juice get into your eyes! Add the chili cubes and ginger to the whipped cream dispenser, then pour 200 ml of olive oil in the measuring jug, and then pour it into the device. Screw the dispenser head firmly back into the chamber.
    Next, take the N2O whipped cream charger and place it in the charger holder with the thin end facing up. Now, carefully screw the charger bracket into the dispenser head until you start to feel its resistance. Pause for a while, then screw it to the dispenser quickly and smoothly. When the nitrous oxide fills the dispenser, you should hear a hissing sound.

    Now, you can wait for a while as long as you want the infusion-it should be instantaneous, but we recommend putting the ingredients in the dispenser for a few minutes and shaking them enough to make it work well. To achieve the best results. The longer you leave the mixture in the dispenser, the stronger the flavor!

    When preparing to dispense the infusion, you first need to disperse all the nitrous oxide from the dispenser. To do this, place the dispenser vertically above the cup or...
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  • 03-08
    Blue Flag whipped cream dispenser
    Are you looking for the best whipped cream dispenser for inhaling nitrous oxide? In this case, you stumbled on the right place. I have listed our best inhalable cream whipping machines. This kind of whipping charger is called a "whipping charger" and it is filled into a balloon or whipped cream dispenser. Nitrous oxide is the gas that pushes whipped cream from the dispenser.

    These creams are really important for cream dispensers. This gas is also called laughing gas. So whether you want to use a whipped cream dispenser to frost a cake or inhale nitrous oxide, this article can give you an idea of any of these gases.

    What is a whip?
    The whip is the name of the nitrous oxide charger. They are called small whips because their original purpose is to act as a charger for whipped cream dispensers. But young people use it to inhale nitrous oxide, which can cause dizziness and relieve pain. The gas is used in oral surgery under the supervision of the medical department. Therefore, under the supervision of the use of this gas, it can be used safely.

    Inhaling the whip does not cause oxygen to escape from the brain. This is an abused inhalant and can cause headaches and a feeling of floating. However, inhaling Whibweet will only cause laughter or slight dizziness.
    Inhalation of this drug is not completely safe. If inhaled in large amounts, it may cause olfactory death, coma or seizures. It is possible to inhale up to 8 grams of whipped cream.
    You cannot inhale the whip directly from the tank, because the gas escapes at a very fast rate and can damage your lungs.

    Our first 3 models
    We totally cherish the time of every consumer who wants to buy a new whipping cream machine, so if you don’t want to read the whole article and you are in a hurry, please don’t worry, because we provide these 3 from the entire list best choice. You can buy blindly.

    1.Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser
    2.Whipped Cream Dispenser 1 Pint With Rubber And Tips
    3.500ML Whipped Cream Dispenser
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  • 03-08
    How the whipped cream charger works
    When you understand the actual mechanism of the cream whippers and the role of the nitrous oxide charger, you will be able to accurately understand what is happening in each formula, which will allow you to expand your mind and notice when and what happens occur. Not going as planned.

    The process of using whipping gas is just the process of injecting gas into the liquid-in this sense, it is no different from the process of using a soda siphon. The real difference is the actual gas you use-the soda siphon box is a pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) tank, and the cream charger is a nitrous oxide (N2O) tank. It is the different characteristics of these two gases that give them completely different cooking purposes.

    1. CO2 is more soluble in water than N2O-this is the reason why carbonated drinks have bubbles, but butter whippers do not.

    2. CO2 is acidic, while N2O is neutral-acidity is what makes carbonated beverages strong, which is why the taste of Seltzer is very different from the water produced. Nitrogen just doesn't give any taste to anything that passes through, which is why it can be used for sweets, salty tastes and beverages.

    3. Under pressure, nitrite will dissolve in fat-this is why the fat content is about 20% liquid. With a whipped cream charger, 27% of the fat can be easily whipped. This may be whipped fat or fat in double cream, or some recipes require the addition of another type of fat (usually butter) . Food or drink? Well, the process is very simple. No matter what kind of foam you plan to put into the dispenser bottle, then when you tighten it, seal it. A charger tank containing 8 grams of gas is used to pressurize the liquid and force N2O to dissolve in it.

    Depending on the formulation, it may be necessary to operate while the contents are still hot to give the gas a chance to penetrate into the substance at the molecular level. When the trigger is pulled, the contents of the dispenser will be pushed out under pressure and the captured nitrous oxide will expand. All recipes contain some form of fat or gelling agent/thickener to ensure that the gas does not simply bubble up and disappear into the atmosphere. After understanding the above process, you will get more benefits from the recipe.
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  • 03-05
    Which gases are safe to add to food
    In daily life, the application of different gases in food has become accustomed. Then do you know our favorite desserts or packaged snacks, such as cakes, what kind of gas will be added to it?

    Because the physiological characteristics of the food itself are different and the conditions encountered in the transportation and marketing of the food are different, the requirements for packaging vary greatly. There are many factors that need to be considered when using food modified atmosphere packaging technology. There are also many types of gas, and the fresh-keeping gas used by different products is different, and the gas ratio is also different.

    Modified atmosphere packaging most commonly uses three gases, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, or their mixtures.

    1: Carbon dioxide is the most critical gas in modified atmosphere packaging. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. When used in fruit and vegetable packaging, carbon dioxide has the effect of strengthening oxygen reduction and reducing respiratory intensity. However, when using carbon dioxide, it must be noted that the solubility of carbon dioxide in water and oil is relatively high. The formation of carbonic acid after dissolution will change the PH value and taste of the food. At the same time, after the carbon dioxide is dissolved, the amount of gas in the package will decrease, which will easily lead to shrinkage and Not plump, affecting the appearance of food. The use of carbon dioxide in modified atmosphere packaging must consider various factors such as storage temperature, food moisture, and the type and quantity of microorganisms.

    2: Nitrogen is stable in nature. The use of nitrogen is generally to eliminate oxygen, thereby slowing down the oxidation and respiration of food. Nitrogen also has a certain inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria. In addition, nitrogen is basically insoluble in water and grease (such as cream whip has joined the application of this gas, Nitrous Oxide). In addition, the adsorption of nitrogen to food is very small, and it will not be The gas is absorbed and gradually shrinks.

    If you have demand for Nitrous Oxide N2O Chargers, yo...
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  • 03-05
    Best Cream Chargers And N20 Charger Manufacturer 2021
    In recent years, many new companies have entered the market, which has resulted in extremely competitive prices for cream chargers. At the same time, low-quality cream chargers have also been mixed into the market and even sold at high prices.

    Blueflag luxury cream charger supplier
    BlueFlag founder Tony in his youth, like many people, experienced rebellious periods, under pressure from family, school, work, and social inequality, but he was not depressed. He believed that every young man should respect rebellious periods, enjoy it, rather than be bound by too many rules. Later, he founded the factory to incorporate his own taste and fashion sensitivity into Blueflag brands, not only reshaping the American consumer goods industry, but also affecting Europe's entertainment consumer market.

    Blueflag is widely praised for its continuous pursuit of innovation, good at scientific research and development, excellent product quality. Blueflag cream whip, stainless steel cream dispenser products have been sold in the European and American markets. Trade with many small and medium-sized enterprises .

    Blueflag is also an ambitious company dedicated to providing easy-to-use and innovative solutions for the catering industry. Blueflag's whipped Cream Charger products can provide a faster and more efficient charging experience. It provides chefs with more control and precision, can control how much gas is released, thereby reducing excess gas waste, making it the most effective cream filling system available in the catering industry.

    Welcome to visit and consult our products, reasonable price, quality assurance, and fast delivery....
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  • 01-12
    American experts recommend 12 foods rich in vitamin B12, as you want to know

    Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that the body cannot produce by itself, so you need to get it from your diet or supplements. If you overuse whip cream chargers, For health considerations, you must replenish B12 in your body within a certain period of time.

    healthy food

    This water-soluble vitamin has many important functions in your body.

    This is necessary to maintain neurological health, support the production of DNA and red blood cells, and maintain normal brain function.

    The recommended daily intake (RDI) is approximately 2.4 micrograms, but the recommended intake for pregnant or breastfe...

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  • 01-12
    How to make the BEST fluffy whipped coffee at home

    Whipped coffee is all the rage this month and while this method of making coffee has been used for years in the Middle East and Asia, it’s suddenly popular in the states, so I’d thought it’s time I pitch in.

    Instant coffee is a popular staple around the world due to how convenient and versatile it is. It’s great when needed to make coffee in a hurry with no coffee maker needed.

    whipped cream chargers

    I will teach you how to make the best fluffiest whipped coffee out there. This method is super easy to make and can be done by hand with a whisk, using an electric hand mixer or using a stand mixer.

    This deliciously creamy bold mixture makes the best cappuccino in minutes and can be stored in the fridge or freezer too.

    What You Will Need To Make Whipped Coffee
    To get started you will need instant coffee, sugar, hot water (close to boiling), and about 7-10 minutes of time. Depending on what type of whisk you are using it will take more or less time.

    How to Make Whipped Coffee
    To begin, add your Instant coffee, sugar, and water to a mixing bowl and whisk using a hand whisk, electric hand mixer, or a stand mixer.

    Whip the mixture for 5-7 minutes or until the mixture is stiff (think whipped cream) and has reached a pale caramel color. Be patient with this step because at first, it may seem like it will never come together but it will magically pull through.

    After the coffee has reached the perfect consistency, scoop 1-2 tablespoons into an 8oz glass of cold (or iced) milk or warm milk.

    The coffee mixture will be strong but remember it will be diluted with the milk. Use less milk for a strong flavor and more milk for a light flavor. Feel free to add sugar as needed.

    How to Store and Freeze Dalgona Whipped Coffee
    We like to make a big batch of this delicious whipped coffee and use it throughout the week for a quick morning coffee.

    To store: Place in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 week or freeze for up to 1 month. The mixture should not solidify and will remain creamy and scoopable.

    How to Make Keto Dalgona Whipped Coffee
    Making this delicious keto-friendly version whipped coffee is super easy and makes a delicious treat too!

    To make keto whipped coffee, simply replace the sugar with a 1:1 ratio of your favorite granulated or powdered keto sweetener , or swerve work best.

    Stevia will not work as well because the whipped coffee needs the sugar in order to form a pale fluffy texture.

    Tips and tricks to Make the Best Fluffy Whip...

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  • 01-12
    Which brand of whip cream chargers will you choose

    Every mom wants to ascertain her relations happy; and, the main source of their happiness is healthy food. I do know most moms are working ladies in order that they do not have much time to spend in the kitchen. In such cases, despite meaning to cook something, delicious family members, moms feel helpless. But now, they will fulfill their desire to cook and serve special creamy dishes without spending much time in the kitchen. For this, they do not get to attend any short term course for fast cooking. Albeit are located at a remote location, you'll prepare the dishes of your choice without getting to grocery stores. Yes, it's possible. The key to this cooking trick lies with the cream dispenser and BlueFlag 8g cream chargers.

     Wholesale N2O Gas Whipped Cream Chargers

    Whipped cream dishes are the primary choice of most youngsters and even adults. These are often enjoyed anytime. While preparing cream dishes reception, ladies face the main problem in sourcing the standard topping or preparing it by self. The presence of 

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