Cream charger tutorial: how to inject gin and alcohol with nitrous oxide 2021-05-07
Regarding N2O cream chargers, one thing that many people don't realize is that they have multiple cooking uses. They are not just used to make fluffy whipped cream in a beater!

Your whipped cream dispenser can also be used for infusions. This process allows you to add flavors to various liquids such as alcohol, oil, and vinegar. This is due to the huge pressure generated inside the dispenser after the nitrous oxide is discharged from the 8g cream charger, which leads to a rapid and intense infusion, which requires months of soaking time if traditional methods are used.

What is an infusion?
Infusion usually involves ingesting fresh solid ingredients (such as fruits, vegetables, or herbs) and then soaking or "dipping" them in a liquid (usually some kind of alcohol or oil) until the liquid absorbs the flavor and aroma of the added ingredients. Many people regard alcohol as a hobby. You may be familiar with the popular "balsamic gin", which usually involves soaking cassis berries in a jar full of gin for several months to make a delicious and sweet liqueur.

However, this is not the only infusion method: a whipped cream dispenser can be used to speed up the infusion process, which means you can create it by simply soaking the ingredients in a few minutes, which usually takes weeks or even months to produce The product.

The scientific principle of nitrous oxide injection
The reason why the filling speed of the cream charger is much faster than the traditional method is easy to understand. This is related to the pressure generated inside the whipped cream dispenser, when these tools are used in their most famous way, the whipped cream is also responsible for the whipped cream.

After the ingredients are added to the dispenser and the cream charger is screwed onto the device, nitrous oxide is released from the tank into the dispenser, creating an ultra-high pressure environment in the dispenser chamber. The pressure of the gas forces the flavor particles from the used solid (such as rhubarb) into the cell wall of the liquid structure, combining the two substances into one body: Compared with the traditional soaking method, it greatly accelerates the flavor and enriches the flavor process. With solid matter Liquid.

Recipe: Watermelon and Mint Liquor
200ml dry gin
Mint sprigs (the more you use, the stronger the flavor will be)
2-3 slices of watermelon (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
N2O whipping machine
1 nitrous oxide cream charger

First, shred the mint leaves first, and then put the twigs in the whipped cream dispenser. The first tearing or "grinding" of the enclosed substance will allow the flavor to infuse better and increase the intensity of the flavor.

Then, add the watermelon cubes, making sure to squeeze it lightly (using the bruising technique again) before putting it in the dispenser. The reason for slightly "destroying" the solid ingredients is to open the pores of mint and watermelon, which should help the combination in the dispenser produce a stronger flavor.

After adding the solid ingredients, pour the gin into the dispenser, and then screw the dispenser head onto the can.

Next, it's time to add the cream charger. Place the cream charger in the charger holder, making sure that the thin end of the charger is facing up.

Then, gently screw the charger bracket onto the dispenser head until you start to feel its resistance. Pause for a while, then grab the charger bracket again and twist it in a quick, smooth motion to fully tighten it. When the nitrous oxide fills the dispenser, you will hear a hissing sound.

Now, you can leave the dispenser for as long as you want. The longer it is left, the better the effect of the infusion, but the infused watermelon and mint gin can be consumed at any time – it depends on your speed preference, for example, if you want to make a different cocktail or bottled wine! We recommend giving the dispenser a full shake for about one minute, and then let it stand for a few minutes to achieve good results.

After the liquid is pressurized with nitrous oxide, you will need to carefully disperse the gas in the chamber in an upright position (not upside down, as you want to produce yield!), because you don't need any gas or liquid to escape. Safety Tips: Before disassembling the dispenser, you must ensure that all the gas in the dispenser has been released. Before attempting to remove the dispenser, it may cause an accident or personal injury, because the chamber is still pressurized and the gas cannot be controlled.

Be sure to use a filter to pour the soaked gin into a container that does not contain any residues of the ingredients used for infusion. That's it; making delicious gin is really easy! This method is suitable for various alcohols and solid fragrances in the dispenser.