Cities With Worst Water And Cleanest Water In The u.s 2023-01-13

In recent years, with the rise of working from home, many Americans have taken stock of their lives and moved en masse to new cities, lives and adventures. But since many of us are painstakingly researching which cities have the best schools, public transportation, entertainment or nightlife, there's another important consideration to consider. That is the water quality of a city.

Cities With The Worst Public Water

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas takes two spots on our list due to the poor quality of tap water in both Las Vegas itself and adjoining North Las Vegas, where arsenic is showing up in sinks , lead and even uranium and other pollutants. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reports that as many as nine contaminants, including chloroform and radium, could be in your Las Vegas drinking glass.

Jacksonville, Florida

Unfortunately, the poor water standards in Orange Country don't end with Pensacola. Jacksonville's water is known to contain unwanted metals such as cadmium and lead, three of which exceeded recommended health limits for a total of 23 contaminants of concern. The water was also found to contain 60.3 ppb of total trihalomethanes (carcinogenic pollutants), 402 times higher than the EWG's guidelines.

Cities With The Best Public Water

Suffice it to say we all want to live somewhere with the best running water, but chances are we're looking for it in the wrong places. Below, we've listed some of the cities considered to have impeccable water, and there are plenty of surprises and delights here. Some of these depend not only on local municipalities but also on geographic location, such as the natural materials the water passes through during treatment. While there are no official water quality rankings by city, here are some cities with more telling water quality profiles.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis may be best known for its legendary role in music, as it's home to Elvis Presley's Graceland, but you can add a lesser-known honor to its list: Memphis has the "sweetest" municipal water. According to The Culture Trip, Memphis' water contains small amounts of minerals, including nitrates, copper, lead, and fluoride, which means its water is very soft. In fact, Memphis Light, Gas, and Water, the Memphis utility, boasted that no lead could be detected at all in source water for the city's water supply. Memphis water owes its wonderful taste in large part to the sandy aquifer it comes from. The impurities in the water are removed by filtering through the sand, then the water sits between layers of clay.

Independence, Missouri

Independence finished third in Berkeley's 2022 competition, won in 2021, and has also topped in previous years. What makes a city's tap water so good? It comes directly from the aquifer, and the local government doesn't need to add many chemicals to it for disinfection.

What You Can Do For Water Quality In Your City

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