Common refrigerator filter problems 2021-04-09
In our daily life, we often encounter some problems in the process of using refrigerator filters. According to statistics, these problems have become common problems in the use of our daily refrigerator water filters.

We know that changing the refrigerator water filter is actually easy, but it doesn't mean that it is a very simple matter for everyone. It is also challenging to install a refrigerator water filter to a certain extent.

If you do not replace the refrigerator water filter, impurities may clog the water filter and prevent it from flowing properly, and even leave garbage in your drinking water or ice. We have summarized the common problems when replacing the refrigerator water filter, including how to troubleshoot each type of problem.

Installation error

Let's take a look at some common installation errors, most of which are caused by the unstable operation of the refrigerator's water filter:

1. The protective cover of the new water filter is not removed. Before replacing the new water filter, remember to remove the new water filter protective cover.
2. The filter is not rinsed. Many of our users forget to rinse before installing the new Morefilter refrigerator water filter.
3. The reusable knob of the bottom grille filter is discarded and can actually be kept because it can be used later.

Below we come from my investigation of the refrigerator filter problem

Found that there is no water in the refrigerator after installing the water filter
In this case, you can look at the water valve leading to the refrigerator. To check, the old filter must be reinstalled. If the water does not flow from the new filter, but from the old filter, there is no problem with the water valve. The most likely problem is the installation of the new filter. If the water does not flow from the old filter or the new filter, there is a problem with the water valve.

Leaks or drips

If there is leakage or dripping after the filter is installed, there may be air in the pipeline. Depress the water level of the dispenser for two minutes.

Installing or removing the refrigerator filter is also a common problem, not so easy for everyone

You only need a little extra force to disassemble. After the disassembly is completed, the filter is sometimes pulled down and pulled out. What should work is to pull the filter down while shaking it to the side.

It should be noted that we should remove the top shelf of the refrigerator from the refrigerator. This is done because it may cause damage due to sudden release. When installing, apply more force and keep rotating to lock the position.

Before replacing the filter, the filter may be clogged to varying degrees, which will affect the quality and taste of the water. Please replace it in time. Of course, the smell of water may also be caused by other factors. This also requires us to pay more attention to the specific reasons. Even ask your municipal water supplier for water testing information for specific issues.

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