How to Clean Your Refrigerator Water Filter? 2021-01-12
We all know about how refrigerator water filters help clear containers and provide you with better tasting water, but forget about the actual maintenance of the refrigerator. Periodic cleaning of refrigerator water filters is a part of refrigerator maintenance. If you are planning to clean your filter. You need to know the information about how to clean refrigerator water filter. 

Why you should clean your refrigerator water filter?
If you use the same filter for a long time, it won't filter out pollutants and other debris. If bacteria and minerals get through the filter, you'll find that the water in the fridge won't taste good, the ice won't smell good, and eventually, the filter will clog up. A clogged water filter can lead to other problems with the refrigerator, including low ice production and lowered water pressure in the water dispenser. So you need to clean your refrigerator water filter regularly.

How often should you clean your refrigerator water filter?
In general, it is recommended to replace your refrigerator water filter every six months or so, depending on how they are used. So you should check to see if your filter is clean, maintained, or replaced every 3 months. In the absence of significant damage to the filter or any of its components. Usually you can clean your filters every 6 months to extend their life. After all, you want your water to be healthy, and sacrificing your health for the sake of using your filter for a few more months isn't the wisest thing to do. However, if the filter is in good condition, you can clean it and put it back in place

How to clean the refrigerator water filter?
Check your refrigerator water filter first, the filter is usually located in the back and the top of the refrigerator. Look for a release button, turn it to the left to pull the filter from the refrigerator. Empty all the crud from the filter and soak it in either rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or soap. After about 15 minutes, take it out and give it about an hour to dry. Replace the filter in its compartment and be sure to secure the threaded openings and lines.

Cleaning your refrigerator water filter helps to give longevity to your refrigerator filter and create cleaner, healthier drinking water! More refrigerator maintenance tips on