How to replace the torsion removal filter 2021-09-07

1. Twist the filter to the left and pull it out of the housing.

2. For the filter in the grille, please use the decorative filter cover on the old ultrawf filter on the new filter.

3. Align the new filter, push it into the filter housing and twist the filter to the right.

Why should I replace the refrigerator water filter?

I believe we all know the reason for replacing the refrigerator filter, because over time, the efficiency of your refrigerator water filter will decrease because it will capture more and more impurities. Replacing the 4396841 refrigerator filter ensures that you get filtered water with good taste and smell.

Morefilter reminds you to install a new water filter every 6 months. If you find that the water flow is slow, please replace it as soon as possible.

Almost all Kenmore 9081 water filter supply systems can work without a water filter. After removing the water filter, the unfiltered water will flow directly to the ice maker and water dispenser. However, we do not recommend that you use a refrigerator without a water filter unless you use a whole-house water filter in your home.