Office Benefits of atmospheric water generator 2021-01-12
Atmospheric water generator can be placed anywhere in the office. Unlike a water cooler, you won't need to place it near a door for easy access for swapping over bulky water bottles. As it draws air, purifies it and turns it into fresh drinking water, you won’t need to worry about plumbing the unit into your office water supply. However, you can also connect to the mains supply if you prefer to add a back-up water source to the unit.

Atmospheric water generator encourages you to stay healthy and hydrated by tracking how much you drink throughout the working day.

Atmospheric water generator does not need to be constantly running, as the internal computer automatically detects when the tank is full and ceases water-generation until user consumption causes the water level to fall. In this way, the water production operation is economical while continuously providing the user with the freshest water.

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