Remove fluoride from drinking water 2021-01-22
We all know that water is the basic substance of life on earth. The synthesis and structure of cell constituents and transport of nutrients into the cells depend on water. Drinking water is vital to us. But do you know there are many pollutants in the water? Obviously, we can't drink water directly. Therefore, how to remove pollutants in water is the first problem to be treated before drinking.

Water is colorless and tasteless. A glass of water can be more dangerous than it looks. There are many pollutants in water, such as drugs, pesticides, water pollutants, fluoride is one of them. Many countries have developed water filtration systems to remove harmful substances in drinking water, but fluoride is one of the substances that are not easy to remove.

High concentration of fluorine is harmful to human body. Fluoride deterioration refers to the risk of parathyroid damage in people who consume more fluoride. This damage can lead to the continuous excretion of parathyroid hormone. As a result, bones begin to lose calcium due to an abnormal increase in the concentration of calcium in the blood. People who regularly consume high concentrations of fluoride have lower calcium content in their bones, which increases the possibility of fracture.

Using a reverse osmosis system can most effectively filter out fluoride in the water supply. Reverse osmosis passes water through a semi permeable membrane and uses pressure to remove pollutants from the water. Reverse osmosis system can effectively remove lead, fluoride, pesticide and capsule from drinking water. But it's expensive for most people.

Using activated carbon water filter is one of the most economical and effective methods. It is well known that carbon can remove some fluoride from tap water under certain conditions. In addition, the carbon water filter can remove about 90% of the minerals and substances in the water.

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