What is Adyiyblog ? 2021-03-05
What is Adyiyblog? Adyiyblog is a web publishing site used to publish blogs. Since its release in 2020, it has been mainly keen on information presentation.

It mainly involves knowledge of atmospheric water generator, cream charger, and refrigerator filter.

Atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a device that draws water from humid ambient air. Water vapor in the air can be extracted by condensation-cooling the air below its dew point, exposing the air to a desiccant, or pressurizing the air. Unlike dehumidifiers, AWG is designed to make water drinkable.

The whipped cream charger is a steel bottle or tube filled with nitrous oxide (N2O), which is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser. The narrow end of the charger has a foil cover, which will release gas when the foil breaks. Usually, this is done with a pin in a whipped cream dispenser.

The refrigerator water filter removes pollutants and other particles in the water flowing through the refrigerator water and ice water dispenser. All of us want our local tap water to be 100% safe, but the sewage treatment plant has missed a lot of things and may pick up other things on the way home. This is where the refrigerator filter comes in!

The capacity of the water filter is measured in microns. Basically, the lower the micron level, the better the filter can capture less and less pollutants. Refrigerator water filters usually use granular activated carbon with an average rated power of 20 microns.

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