• 06-29
    How to judge the quality of the ice machine water filter
    We all know that every ice machine and even household appliances are equipped with water pipes. The water filter interrupts the water pipe to connect to the ice maker. Commercial ice machines require larger filters and more complicated installations, but simple ice machines in refrigerators only need an in-line filter to power the refrigerator. The benefits of installing an ice filter are even more obvious: the ice maker water purifier makes the water you drink clearer, tastes and smells better, freezes better, tastes and smells better, and freezes better.

    How often does the filter f2wc9i1 on the general ice machine need to be replaced?

    It is recommended to update every 6 months. A good ice2 filter can be guaranteed to be used for at least 6 months, but the specific usage depends on the actual situation.

    The water filter of the ice machine needs to be replaced regularly. In most cases, the water in the ice machine is filtered with carbon. Dechlorination of carbon and removal of chloramines. If you do not replace the carbon filter frequently enough, the filter will deteriorate the water quality and cause freezing. The carbon filter on the high-capacity ice machine may need to be replaced every six months. The ice water filter in your home needs to be replaced at least once a year. As a rule of thumb, do not let the ice machine filter stay in the water for more than one year.

    What does the ice filter mainly remove?

    The main purpose is to remove chlorine in the water. Carbon can also remove particles and deposits that may enter the ice layer. When the ice melts, you will see particles floating in the glass of water.

    If you have hard water, you should use a scale control agent, such as phosphate, to keep the hardness minerals in the solution to prevent them from leaching out of the ice or causing mechanical failure of the ice maker.

    What is a good ice machine water filter?

    Today I will introduce to you the ice machine water filter produced by morefilter. The NSF certified filter reduces the smell and smell of chlorine and reduces dirt. It is replaced every 2,000 gallons (7571 liters) or 9 months, which is longer than ordinary water filters to ensure clean and safe drinking water. Usually, two GP005A are enough to purify a household's water consumption for a year. Without sacrificing quality, it effectively removes 24 pollutants such as lead, chlorine and industrial chemicals.
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  • 06-11
    Harmful substances that the refrigerator water filter can remove
    We all know that the water in the refrigerator passes through miles of underground pipes before it reaches the home or business. In the process, it may collect lead from old pipes, agricultural runoff and other harmful compounds.

    Most refrigerator water filters are designed to remove three main contaminants: lead, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Certain products can also remove cysts and chloramines.

    Because lead is toxic, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set the maximum pollutant content of lead in drinking water to zero. Ingestion of lead can cause reproductive problems, premature birth, and damage to the brain, hearing, heart, and kidneys.

    Chlorine disinfects drinking water and can actually eliminate water-borne diseases such as typhoid fever and dysentery. But this will also spoil the taste of the water. The carbon refrigerator filter is very good, so that the chlorine-treated drinking water has a fresh taste.

    Chloramine is a mixture of chlorine and ammonia used by municipalities to reduce the formation of harmful disinfectants such as trihalomethanes. There are few studies on the health effects of chloramines, and the results are unclear. A refrigerator filter with catalytic carbon removes chlorine and chloramines by separating chlorine from ammonia and converting the chlorine to chlorine.

    Volatile Organic Compound
    Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are harmful chemicals, such as herbicides, insecticides, or pesticides. VOC exposure mainly comes from air pollution, paint and preservatives, but they can enter drinking water through agricultural runoff or industrial waste. Many volatile organic compounds can cause cancer or cause liver, kidney and reproductive problems.

    Purerdrop refrigerator water filter can effectively remove lead, chlorine and volatile organic compounds to protect the health of you and your family. Today, I will introduce a refrigerator water filter that is environmentally friendly and affordable.

    Purerdrop 3 pieces set EDR3RXD1, 4396841, filter 3 refrigerator water filter
    filter 3 refrigerator water filter

    This r...
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  • 06-05
    Reasons why refrigerator air filter is indispensable
    Modern refrigerators are equipped with an ice maker and a water dispenser. These two components rely more on the purerdrop water filter to function effectively.

    Therefore, the water filter has become an important part of the refrigerator with a built-in water dispenser. So is the air filter of the refrigerator necessary?
    The answer is yes.

    The refrigerator air filter is one of the important parts of the refrigerator, because it can ensure that the fresh air in the refrigerator flows and neutralizes the unpleasant smell.

    This is why many foods, fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator can remain fresh and safe to eat after a period of time.

    Air filters usually purify the air entering the refrigerator, which means that fresh and clean air will only circulate on food, vegetables and fruits.

    Not only that, the air filter also helps prevent bacteria from contaminating the food stored in the refrigerator. Make sure that the family eats healthy and fresh food.

    The effectiveness of air filters in refrigerators varies by size and model. Here I suggest buying the refrigerator air filter produced by purerdrop. Our refrigerator air filter has a variety of packaging methods, you can choose according to your needs.

    6pk Air1 / W10311524 refrigerator air filter
    9pk Air1 / W10311524 refrigerator air filter

    PurerDrop PDA001 is designed to replace Whirlpool Air1/W10311524 refrigerator air filter. The PDA001 filter is guaranteed to be compatible with Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Kenmore and Amana refrigerators.

    Compatible models are:
    W10311524, 2319308, W10335147, W10335147A, W10335147, W10315189, 1876318, AIR1, FRESHFLOW AIR FILTER, AP4538127, AH3525
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  • 05-27
    Assess the water security situation in early 2021
    Although the spread of COVID-19 dominates the headlines and policy making efforts in 2020, the imminent global water crisis has not disappeared. If anything, the situation has worsened in the face of the surge in demand for fresh water supplies and the delays of COVID-related projects aimed at alleviating this growing pressure.

    It is estimated that by 2050, more than 50% of the world's population will live in "water-scarce" areas, where demand exceeds supply, or poor water quality limits water use. This leads to the depletion of natural water sources and brings about a series of social problems, from dehydration to the spread of water-borne diseases. Due to its climate, the Middle East is by far the most water-stressed region in the world, and most of its countries have been classified as "extremely high (> 80%) water stress".

    Poor water security is not only a current and growing threat to human life, but also the cohesion of a rapidly urbanizing global society, and the water price difference also brings a huge price. The lack of proper water management may cause the Middle East’s GDP to lose as much as 6% by 2050.

    Although its impact is worrying, all governments have fully understood the scale and nature of this threat. They can prove this by devising ways to improve water security, increasing desalination and wastewater treatment, long-term national strategies, and billions of dollars in investment in new technological innovations and advanced water infrastructure. But are current efforts sufficient to stay ahead of the water demand curve?

    The newly introduced air to water technology has effectively alleviated this crisis. This is a highly portable air water maker that can effectively extract drinking water from the air. In view of the fact that the demand for clean water and sanitation facilities is very important to human survival, water safety issues cannot be ignored. This machine will not have water safety problems, because the 
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  • 05-21
    Signals that the refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced
    As we all know, Purerdrop refrigerator water filter can provide clean, fresh drinking water, but it will not last forever. How do you know that the filter needs to be replaced? An unpleasant smell or the smell of filtered water may be a common symptom. Learn how to replace the refrigerator water filter in easy-to-follow steps, how often to replace the water filter, and how to troubleshoot problems.

    Why, when, where and how to replace the refrigerator water filter

    Although replacing the water filter is very simple and straightforward, if you do not understand the facts behind it, it may mean that important maintenance work of the refrigerator will be ignored. We will discuss how to replace the refrigerator water filter, why it is necessary, when and where to replace it.

    Do we really need to replace the refrigerator water filter?

    Replacing the filter is one of the only ways to ensure clean, fresh drinking water. Over time, the particles and contaminants removed by the filter will clog the filter and make it unusable. This means that these impurities will not be filtered out, but will remain in your drinking water.

    Signal from the need to replace the water filter:
    Refrigerator water smells bad
    The filtered water has a peculiar smell
    Water pressure drops when distributing water

    How often should I replace the whirlpool filter?
    Every 6 months or after filtering 200 gallons of water, replace the filter to prevent deterioration of water odor or pressure problems. However, the frequency of replacing the refrigerator water filter also depends on its flow rate and frequency of use. Continuous use and faster flow rates may require more frequent changes.

    Purerdrop W10295370A, EDR1RXD1 filter, filter 1 refrigerator water filter 3Pack can be compatible with Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Amana, Maytag, Jenn-air Everydrop ice filter and water filter. Kenmore water filter Frigidaire PureSource water filter.

    W10295370A, EDR1RXD1, filter 1 refrigerator water filter 3 pieces

    It is a refrigerator water filter that meets the needs of the general public. Our product packaging is diverse, you can choose.

    For more product details, please visit Purerdrop official website.
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  • 05-17
    The possible impact of not replacing the refrigerator water filter
    As we all know, refrigerators need to replace the refrigerator water filter regularly. If it is not replaced for a long time, the efficiency of the water filter will be greatly reduced, and it will not even be able to be purified. If the refrigerator water filter is not replaced for a long time, the following situations may occur:

    1. The filter is clogged
    The clogging of the filter will eventually result in any material that is no longer filtered. Since long-term use will produce dust and debris, the water flow will stop. When the water stops flowing out, it indicates that the refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced.

    2. Carbon reaches its maximum capacity
    Even if the surface area is full, water will continue to flow through the filter, but the water will carry contaminants.

    3. The filter will breed bacteria
    The carbon-filled filter collects the particles eaten by organisms. If it is used for a long time without replacing it, it is likely to become a camp of bacteria.

    The hazards to the human body are:
    The refrigerator filter is designed to work on water that is already microbiologically safe. The city’s tap water has been chemically treated to detect viruses and pathogens. However, if you continue to use the filter after half a year, the tap water may be contaminated with all the contaminants that were previously blocked. The old filter becomes the main living area of organisms that may enter the digestive or gastrointestinal tract and cause flu-like symptoms. Affect our health, so regular replacement of the refrigerator water filter cannot be ignored. It is imperative to maintain the health of our lives and family members.

    If you are still worried about finding a good replacement refrigerator water filter, then the next suggestion, you must not miss it

    Morefilter's GlacialPure refrigerator water filter has a complete product range and a high degree of compatibility. It can be applied to various types of refrigerators. It needs to be replaced every six months or 300 gallons (whichever comes first). Please note that the water needs to be filtered before use. The filter element is rinsed with 4 gallons of water, and our products have passed IAPMO and NSF certification. Please rest assured to buy and use, in addition, our products are of high quality and low price.

    Here are some things recommended for you
    GlacialPure 3Pk filter 1, EDR1RXD1, W10295370A
    GlacialPure 3Pk ULTRAWF, 46-9999, PureSource PS2364646
    GlacialPure 3Pk filter 3,4396841, EDR3RXD1, 46...
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  • 05-07
    Cream charger tutorial: how to inject gin and alcohol with nitrous oxide
    Regarding N2O cream chargers, one thing that many people don't realize is that they have multiple cooking uses. They are not just used to make fluffy whipped cream in a beater!

    Your whipped cream dispenser can also be used for infusions. This process allows you to add flavors to various liquids such as alcohol, oil, and vinegar. This is due to the huge pressure generated inside the dispenser after the nitrous oxide is discharged from the 8g cream charger, which leads to a rapid and intense infusion, which requires months of soaking time if traditional methods are used.

    What is an infusion?
    Infusion usually involves ingesting fresh solid ingredients (such as fruits, vegetables, or herbs) and then soaking or "dipping" them in a liquid (usually some kind of alcohol or oil) until the liquid absorbs the flavor and aroma of the added ingredients. Many people regard alcohol as a hobby. You may be familiar with the popular "balsamic gin", which usually involves soaking cassis berries in a jar full of gin for several months to make a delicious and sweet liqueur.

    However, this is not the only infusion method: a whipped cream dispenser can be used to speed up the infusion process, which means you can create it by simply soaking the ingredients in a few minutes, which usually takes weeks or even months to produce The product.

    The scientific principle of nitrous oxide injection
    The reason why the filling speed of the cream charger is much faster than the traditional method is easy to understand. This is related to the pressure generated inside the whipped cream dispenser, when these tools are used in their most famous way, the whipped cream is also responsible for the whipped cream.

    After the ingredients are added to the dispenser and the cream charger is screwed onto the device, nitrous oxide is released from the tank into the dispenser, creating an ultra-high pressure environment in the dispenser chamber. The pressure of the gas forces the flavor particles from the used solid (such as rhubarb) into the cell wall of the liquid structure, combining the two substances into one body: Compared with the traditional soaking method, it greatly accelerates the flavor and enriches the flavor process. With solid matter Liquid.

    Recipe: Watermelon and Mint Liquor
    200ml dry gin
    Mint sprigs (the more you use, the stronger the flavor will be)
    2-3 slices of watermelon (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
    N2O whipping machine
    1 nitrous oxide cream charger

    First, shred the mint leaves first, and then put the twigs in the whip...
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  • 05-06
    Application of water from the air technology
    The production of atmospheric water depends on the science of humidity, temperature and air. Higher humidity will produce more water. This makes the air water maker flexible and easy because it is just a plug-and-play system. As long as there is air, you can place it almost anywhere.

    Atmospheric water generators are used in the following areas:

    • Solutions to the water crisis. In Africa, many people need to spend more than 6 hours a day to meet their daily water needs. The atmospheric water generator is an ideal solution to bring this area closer to the world's first level. Therefore, their daily water needs are solved.

    • Military. In many countries, including Israel, soldiers are now equipped with military-grade backpacks that can produce water from the air. For a long time, the army had to transport large amounts of drinking water. Therefore, they must invest resources and manpower to defend the water source. With AWG fresh water generators, they can definitely become more flexible. They can also survive battles and training and have a strategic advantage.

    • Residential and office. No more buckets! Many offices and homes have begun to abandon prehistoric bucket dispensers. These are not only more expensive but also cause storage and many inconvenience factors.

    • Total water production solution. In many areas, there are water-saving exercises to control the amount of water used every day. According to reports, the water output rate in these areas is much higher than that in other areas. With AWG air-to-water technology, you can now enjoy a better lifestyle. This helps to improve hygiene.

    Here, we provide different sizes of atmospheric water generator to meet your needs. Atmospheric water generator manufacturers, more information can be found here....
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  • 04-29
    Atmospheric water generator: sustainable water resources
    The amount of water in the world is limited. Today, unprecedented pressure on the earth’s resources threatens our access to water. The world is quickly running out of clean water, and the poor are the ones who suffer the most. Due to geography, climate, engineering, regulations and resource competition, some areas seem to be relatively full of fresh water, while others are facing drought and destructive pollution. In many developing countries, clean water is either difficult to obtain, or it is a commodity that requires laborious work or large amounts of money.

    So how can these remote communities have healthy drinking water? In order to create a more sustainable and more efficient provision of water resources.

    Atmospheric water generator (AWG) uses technology to produce drinking water from the surrounding air. This offers the potential to expand water supply during periods of shortages, pollution incidents and other problems that may disrupt drinking water services. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and public water infrastructure failures such as pipeline corrosion that causes pollution problems have increased interest in AWG technology as an emergency and long-term supply solution.

    Atmospheric water generator range from household appliances that can produce 1 to 20 liters of water per day to commercial scale equipment that can produce 1,000 to 10,000 liters or more per day. The water production rate is highly dependent on the air temperature and the amount of water vapor (ie humidity) in the air. The most commonly used atmospheric water generator system uses condenser and cooling coil technology to absorb moisture from the air in the same way as a household dehumidifier. Although running these condenser and fan systems may require a lot of energy, recent technological advances have greatly improved the water-to-energy ratio, thereby increasing the feasibility of using these systems to help increase the country’s drinking water resources.

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