• 04-23
    Introducing Everydrop Filter 2 EDR2RXD1
    EveryDrop Filter 2 is the refrigerator water filter, the only filter certified by Whirlpool Corporation, and can be used with your Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, JennAir and Amana refrigerators. The product has passed NSF certification and can reduce 28 pollutants, including drugs, waterborne parasites, lead and pesticides.

    Suitable for refrigerators and freezers; also compatible
    Refrigerator water filters such as Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, and Kenmore may be the primary consideration for changing refrigerator water filters.

    EDR2RXD1 replaced the following:
    AP5983562, filter 2, W10413645A, W10238154, W10413645, EDR2RXD2, PUR EDR2RXD2, PUR EDR2RXD3, WRX988SIBM03, WRF736SDAM13,
    WRF736SDAM11, KRFF707ESS01, DGHS2665KF, FFEN2822QS, FFHN2740PE, FGHB2866PF, FGHN2844LF,
    LGUB2642LE, LGHC2342LE, FFED2322QS, LGHN2844ME, LGHN2844MF, LGUB2642LP, LGHC2342LF, FGEX26D6QF,
    FGHN2866PP, FGUB2642LF, FFHS2622MH, WRF993FIFM00, WRX986SIHZ00, WRF993FIFM00, WRF736SDAM14,
    KRMF606ESS01, KRMF706ESS01, MFT2672AEM11, WRF767SDHZ00

    Before installation, please eject the old filter and prepare a cloth to dry all the water. Reinstall the bottom cover on the new bottom cover, and then slide it in. When it locks into place, you will hear a clicking sound. Be careful not to over tighten.

    Replace the filter every 6 months or 200 gallons to minimize contaminants.

    The refrigerator water filter is not only a replacement part, but also includes the water and air that our families drink and breathe.

    Should you replace the refrigerator water filter today? Check and shop now!
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  • 04-16
    Mint Flavor N2O Nitrous Oxide 8-Gram Cartridge
    The new mint flavor N2O Nitrous Oxide 8-Gram Cartridge 600 Packs, let you get a new experience of mint flavor Whipped Cream Chargers. While obtaining fresh cream, a more refreshing taste is obtained.

    Our whipped cream cartridges is made of 100% recyclable stainless steel and has no grease residue. Due to the cleaning in a dedicated facility, all Whipped Cream Chargers have no metal fragments or oily substances, nor will they produce a special smell to the cream.

    Strong compatibility, this Mint Flavor N2O Nitrous Oxide is compatible with all standard 8g N2O blue flag Whipped Cream Chargers manufacturers and fresh cream dispensers. Using our N20 nitrous oxide makes you an excellent chef immediately. You will not have trouble making any pastries or desserts.

    All nitrous oxide chargers use a proprietary cap/closed system to ensure that there is no gas leakage during the shelf life of the cartridge, so that you can use it with confidence.

    Advanced production technology and perfect quality assurance system can ensure the high quality of each N2O cream charger.

    If you want to order our products, please click on the link below.

    Mint Flavor BlueFlag Whipped Cream Chargers 600Pack

    bulk whip cream chargers

    N2O Nitrous Oxide

    For more information,please contact us now!
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  • 04-09
    Common refrigerator filter problems
    In our daily life, we often encounter some problems in the process of using refrigerator filters. According to statistics, these problems have become common problems in the use of our daily refrigerator water filters.

    We know that changing the refrigerator water filter is actually easy, but it doesn't mean that it is a very simple matter for everyone. It is also challenging to install a refrigerator water filter to a certain extent.

    If you do not replace the refrigerator water filter, impurities may clog the water filter and prevent it from flowing properly, and even leave garbage in your drinking water or ice. We have summarized the common problems when replacing the refrigerator water filter, including how to troubleshoot each type of problem.

    Installation error

    Let's take a look at some common installation errors, most of which are caused by the unstable operation of the refrigerator's water filter:

    1. The protective cover of the new water filter is not removed. Before replacing the new water filter, remember to remove the new water filter protective cover.
    2. The filter is not rinsed. Many of our users forget to rinse before installing the new Morefilter refrigerator water filter.
    3. The reusable knob of the bottom grille filter is discarded and can actually be kept because it can be used later.

    Below we come from my investigation of the refrigerator filter problem

    Found that there is no water in the refrigerator after installing the water filter
    In this case, you can look at the water valve leading to the refrigerator. To check, the old filter must be reinstalled. If the water does not flow from the new filter, but from the old filter, there is no problem with the water valve. The most likely problem is the installation of the new filter. If the water does not flow from the old filter or the new filter, there is a problem with the water valve.

    Leaks or drips

    If there is leakage or dripping after the filter is installed, there may be air in the pipeline. Depress the water level of the dispenser for two minutes.

    Installing or removing the refrigerator filter is also a common problem, not so easy for everyone

    You only need a little extra force to disassemble. After the disassembly is completed, the filter is sometimes pulled down and pulled out. What should work is to pull the filter down while shaking it to the side.

    It should be note...
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  • 04-06
    The importance of water to humans
    In the past few decades, there have been many international discussions about "what is water" and the meaning of water, and many articles and books have been published to discuss this topic, such as "The Meaning of Water" by Vanonika. , Linton's "What is Water" and other more influential works. The reason for these questions is that "what is water" seems to be known to everyone, but in fact, not everyone has enough knowledge and knowledge. Many people have even very poor knowledge and knowledge about water. The perception of the value of water in society tends to be simplified. This will inevitably affect people's judgment on the value of water, and then affect people's attitudes and behaviors of caring for and cherishing water, and is not conducive to building a harmonious relationship between humans and water.

    Water is not only a natural substance that sustains life, but also an important construction element of human society and culture. It has played an important role in driving the development of human society. Without water, not only human life cannot be continued, but human society cannot be maintained either. The multi-dimensional value of water in human society is worthy of our in-depth understanding.

    Water is a kind of power substance that drives the development of human social productivity, and water builds human productivity. Water energy also played an important role in the process of European industrial revolution. In modern times, the conversion of water energy to electric energy has played a huge role in the development of human society. Today, hydropower has become the most important clean energy for mankind. This is the value of water that we most easily understand. To build a water-friendly society, the whole society must have a scientific understanding of water and an understanding of the multi-dimensional value of water, and build water-friendly values on this basis, and strive to let everyone care for and cherish water. , So as to restrict our behavior towards water and build a water-friendly society. This will become an important social value foundation for the construction of ecological civilization.

    We should not regard water as just an ordinary consumer product and commodity, nor can its value be simply measured by money. We should regard water as a material related to the long-term survival of our human beings, and even treat water. Rise to the moral level. Human society needs to weigh the development and utilization of water resources from its own long-term interests, use water more efficiently and greenly, care for and cherish water more. Enhance scientific understanding of water, form water-friendly values, and have an in-depth understanding of the value of water from history to reality. This requires the joint efforts of the whole society.

    Today, 2.2 billion people in the world still do not have access to safe drinking water. T...
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  • 04-01
    Filter 3 edr3rxd1 filter refrigerator water filters
    Morefilter refrigerator water filters are tested and certified by NSF & IAPMO and meet NSF/ANSI Standards 42 which is designed to reduce specific aesthetic or non-health-related contaminats.

    Whirlpool filter 3, Edr3rxd1 Replacement Filter refrigerator ice and water filter suitable for your Whirlpool, MAYTAG, KitchenAid and Amana brand equipment to provide cleaner water. NSF-certified tests show that there are 66 types of pollutants reduced by drugs, waterborne parasites, cysts, lead and mercury, and pesticides. In addition, the taste and smell of chlorine are reduced and/or removed to produce more attractive water. Replace every 6 months or 200 gallons for optimal performance and efficiency. 

    Whirlpool EDR3RXD1 Specifications:
    Part No. EDR3RXD1
    Replaces Part Number: 4396710, 4396841
    Dimensions: 12″x2-3/4″
    Filter Media: Carbon Block
    Capacity: 200 gallons; 6 months
    Operating Pressure: 30-120 psi
    Operating Temperature: 33-100 °F
    Flow rate: 0.5 gpm
    NSF Tested and Certified for Standard: 42 and 53
    Service: OEM Filter
    Quick and easy replace the refrigerator water filter

    For optimal performance replace filter as recommended by water filter manufacturer

    Make sure that the filter is compatible with your fridge. 

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  • 03-25
    How to use nitrous oxide cream charger to inject engine oil
    Using a whipped cream charger, you can produce various flavors of alcohol, oil and vinegar, making it an ideal tool for various occasions from banquets to simple trials at home!

    In this blog post, we will cover the process of creating an oil injection using a dispenser.

    How does the infusion work?
    As anyone who reads our gin infusion article may know, infusion into a cream charger is a way of using extremely high levels of pressure in a whipped cream dispenser to force liquid and solid ingredients to combine at the molecular level. The process, which causes the liquid to become flavored with solid ingredients-usually a delicious effect!

    This process is used in professional kitchens as well as home users to produce delicious soaking liquid at a much faster rate than soaking or any other soaking method. The most popular examples of infusions you might notice will find the flavors of gin, vodka, and other alcohols in your local supermarket.

    Recipe: Chili and Ginger Oil
    You will need:
    200 ml olive oil
    2-3 thinly sliced peppers (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
    2-3 pieces of ginger (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
    N2O whipping machine
    1 Nitrous Oxide Cream Charger First, turn on the whipped cream dispenser. After opening, you need to add solid ingredients. Tear or "crush" the solids a little bit to better inject the flavor and increase the overall strength of the flavor-make sure not to let the chili juice get into your eyes! Add the chili cubes and ginger to the whipped cream dispenser, then pour 200 ml of olive oil in the measuring jug, and then pour it into the device. Screw the dispenser head firmly back into the chamber.
    Next, take the N2O whipped cream charger and place it in the charger holder with the thin end facing up. Now, carefully screw the charger bracket into the dispenser head until you start to feel its resistance. Pause for a while, then screw it to the dispenser quickly and smoothly. When the nitrous oxide fills the dispenser, you should hear a hissing sound.

    Now, you can wait for a while as long as you want the infusion-it should be instantaneous, but we recommend putting the ingredients in the dispenser for a few minutes and shaking them enough to make it work well. To achieve the best results. The longer you leave the mixture in the dispenser, the stronger the flavor!

    When preparing to dispense the infusion, you first need to disperse all the nitrous oxide from the dispenser. To do this, place the dispenser vertically above the cup or...
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  • 03-23
    4 billion people face water shortages for at least one month each year
    About 4 billion people in the world face severe water shortages for at least one month each year, and about 1.6 billion people are unable to obtain clean and safe water supplies. The report pointed out that the current water shortage problem is aggravating. It is estimated that by 2050, more than half of the world's population will still live in water-stressed areas.

    Experts pointed out that from 1960 to 2014, the world's water consumption increased by 250%. Factors such as population growth, changes in diet and climate change have made water resources a major global challenge.

    From a global perspective, the Middle East and North Africa are the regions with the greatest water pressure on the planet. Twelve of the 17 extremely water-scarce countries and regions are in the Middle East and North Africa. Qatar is the worst, followed by Israel and Lebanon.

    In Africa, Libya and Eritrea have the greatest water pressure, and India is facing the same severe situation. Many areas of the country face long-term water pressure. Groundwater resources are mainly used for irrigation and have been severely overdrawn. Considering that the population of India is 16 other countries With three times the population of the region, the future will face great challenges.

    It is worth mentioning that even in countries where the overall water pressure is relatively small, there are some areas with extreme water shortages. For example, the Western Cape in South Africa and New Mexico in the United States are facing extreme water shortages.

    There is a better solution
    Today, there are more technologies than ever before to bring water to those in need. In particular, there is a method called Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) or simply: drinking water from air machine. There are many techniques and methods to extract water from the natural humidity of the air, and the success of each method and method depends on the environmental conditions, the technology used, and the energy required to make the process run properly.
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  • 03-18
    Removing refrigerator water filter
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency refers to the built-in refrigerator water filter as a "point of use" device. These filters are similar to the water tank, countertop and faucet filters in many kitchens across the country. The agency pointed out that point-of-use filters can effectively remove most water contaminants that cause undesirable taste and odor. If your ice cubes or glass of water look strange and unpleasant to your taste buds, removing and replacing the water filter may restore everything to its original state.

    Expired water filter
    The filtered particles and chemical substances remain in the filter cartridge and eventually pile up, reducing the filtration efficiency. Some refrigerator manufacturers recommend that the owner replace the filter cartridge every six months to maintain the best filtering quality. Modern high-tech refrigerators may automatically turn on the "water filter status" light after 400 to 500 gallons of water has passed through the water filter assembly. Refrigerator water filter cartridges are expensive, and discarding some newer filter cartridges may waste money and effort. Please refer to your instruction manual for the exact expiration date.

    Obtain replacement ink cartridges
    Refrigerator water filter cartridges usually have the designated alphanumeric part number listed in the instruction manual, such as "edr2rxd1". Some large electrical appliance manufacturers recommend ordering replacement water filters directly from the company's online store, or calling the customer service department. Alternatively, a third-party company can manufacture "universal" or "universal" refrigerator water filter elements, which may be cheaper and have the same effect as brand filters. Find universal ink cartridges at your local home improvement store or online retailer. No matter which filter you choose, make sure it is the correct part number to avoid damage to the water filter housing due to the use of an inappropriate filter element.

    Disassembly of the water filter
    Press the "off" button of the ice maker to deactivate ice making. This can be a button on the control panel outside the door, or a button on the ice maker assembly located on the ceiling of the freezer compartment. This can prevent the ice maker components from pumping new tap water when replacing the filter, but be aware that there will be excess water and dripping during the replacement process. Press the "filter release" button or similar button above the filter cartridge to release the housing from the water filter assembly. Pull out the expired ink cartridge and throw it in the trash can.

    Place a new wat...
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  • 03-08
    Accairwater meet potable water: water in the air
    Have you ever thought about getting drinking water from the air? Well, someone thought of it and did it!

    It all starts with bringing drinking water to a non-existent demand: “Only 1% of the earth’s water can be used as drinking water for humans and animals, and 1% of the water is polluted by the industrial civilization in which we live.”

    How does the technology work? AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) technology is a solution to alleviate the world's water crisis. Today, this breakthrough technology is now available to everyone on the planet.

    AWG machines produce pure drinking water from the atmosphere around the earth. The AWG device captures the moisture in the air we breathe, and then converts it into pure healthy drinking water.

    Compared with drinking tap water or bottled water, the latter is called dead water (contains very little oxygen), and AWG water is called "living" water because it is 100% oxidized water.

    In addition, this product has many advantages, such as:
    Convenient and environmentally friendly
    Stop buying bottled water and the consequences of no toxic waste in degradable plastic bottles
    Doubles as a dehumidifier
    The water tastes good and can be rich in minerals
    Since the water is clear and does not contain all bacteria, it has more health advantages
    Improve air quality
    Self-cleaning device, minimal maintenance

    Industry experts point out that when considering keeping properties in the following areas, the five most important environmental practices are:
    Solar -> 67%
    Sustainable water system –> 43%
    Low flow shower/toilet –> 36%
    Organic food option –> 31%
    Recycling basket in the room –> 29%
    Drinking water ensures that visitors will not have health problems after drinking water contaminated by bacteria, viruses or pollutants. Most importantly, this may be an effective solution for all countries that cannot drink water.
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